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What is Infographics - Introduction

The word infographic is made up of "INFORMATION" + "GRAPHIC" means a combination of knowledge and visual illustration. Since infographics detonated onto the visual graphic scene around ten years back. It is a representation of information in text and graphic format to make data easily understandable at a glance. It simplifies a large amount of data and can quickly communicate.

Why do you need Infographics - Visual Communications and Storytelling

Infographics is a part of content marketing. It is an easy way to tell stories and receive stories. As we know the human mind is a highly visual and attract toward visual content more than words. Because of its advantage of attractiveness chances of becoming viral on social networks is much higher than ordinary text content.

Infographics help in cover complex topics in an easy-going way that people will read that content too with pictures or if it is only word content they might get bored. And when it comes to brand awareness and help in increasing search engine ranking of websites infographic is the simplest way because it has high scope of online sharing. Rather than sharing it online you can export it as posters, brochures, leaflets for branding or marketing.

If we tell you about the need of infographic in Digital marketing then they will be like-

  • Infographic makes content viral.
  • Infographic is an easy way to catch the attention of the target audience
  • Even helps in increasing social network via increasing likes and followers.
  • The most important - Brand Awareness.
  • If your content is complex and has large no of numeric value even that will become understandable.
  • Infographics have more data in short rather than only words content or flyer.
  • Infographics have more online platforms to be shared such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter,, and many more.

Infographics Designs

You need to know what type of infographic design is best for you that can convey your message properly. There are many types of an infographic for different goals. There are many types of infographic designs but generally it is divided into three main categories under which infographic falls.

All three of them are for several purposes and can be used as a powerful storytelling tool.

  • Statistical Infographics
  • Process Infographics
  • Story infographics

Statistical Infographics

Infographics play the biggest role in sharing statistics with your audience. People do not read numbers and values because they do not want to engage in something that is not from their league until it is interesting or eye-catching. So defining this information with interest, this is a statistical infographic for you.

In the above picture data of different items is detailed. If this data was only written in words, it would not be that attractive or eye-catching or may not even read the numbers. But this infographic made this easy to understand and have more engagement strength.

Process Infographics

The infographic that contains any procedure, summarize or simplify. It can be any strategy, workflow process, product guide, hiring or planning, etc. You can break down any complex process and simplify them at different points.

Story Infographics

This is what story infographics do when you are trying to convey a specific message and that elaboration in the story makes a great impact across. Now an ideal opportunity for brands to cause their content to roll with their audience and utilize the important platform.

This is the ideal opportunity to make an individual association rather than simply sell. How? With effective narrating. It's a vital aspect of connecting the customer.


Types of Infographic

Under 3 category of infographics there six types of infographics. Let's explore each of them in more details

Data Visualization Infographics

It is a graphical representation of data that can be measured as a quantity. This data does not have its content but it is used instead of content. The only purpose of data visualization infographic is to make understand the reader what it is about. With an infographic, clarity is a must.

An infographic differs from data visualization in that it provides interpretation. Data visualize contains only a map, graph, chart or diagram, and infographics contain additional elements like narrative and graphics.

Process Visualization Infographics

Any kind of process, planning or strategy is shown in the infographic is under process visualization. It allows us to simplify and clarify each step.

Process Visualization Infographics contains chart flow in a circle, top to bottom or left to right. Numbering all the steps will make the process easy.

Video Infographics

A video infographic is a visual portrayal of information and data as an online video.

A video infographic hits the group of viewer with pieces of high-esteem data, which is mostly 90 seconds long, could improve their point of view on the topic.

Micro Content Infographics

The micro-content infographic is usually used to optimize social media networks.

Think single pictures that tease a bigger infographic and can be shared on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram; or six-second video to share on Vine or Instagram that is a preview for a longer video.

Our Service Highlights

As a Digital Marketing agency in udaipur, we provide premium services to our clients in every module of digital marketing. Infographic with balanced picture and words are important. We believe in making the targeted audience’s stuff according to trends.

Here are our services for Infographics we provide -

Brand Specific:

Every content for marketing must be niche relevant or targeted audience basis that signify brand. Infographic for digital marketing must be brand specific or most relevant to topic. We provide best graphic designed by our team and good content for that makes the reader more understandable.

Easy to understand:

Infographic will be shared on social networks and different platforms. We make infographic content effective and easy going to our readers.

Beautiful and interactive:

According to science the human mind mainly go for eye catching things or visual things. If infographic will be good looking and eye catching it will attract readers and make them read the information given. We have our graphic designing team, they will design unique content for your brand.