My all time Favorite 5 techniques of keyword research there is :

My all time Favorite 5 techniques of keyword research there is :


First of all, you have to think about your particular business domain. How people search terms about your business on google or another search engine.

Google SERPs:

Google search result pages also give a perfect assumption keyword in the footer of the results page that people search regarding that topic shown in the image below.

Google Keyword Planner:

Second Google AdWords gives a tool that is google keyword planner that provides monthly search keyword and competitions on a particular keyword.

Competitor Analysis:

In this technique, you have to analyze your competitor’s keywords which is use their website or blog then you can use that keyword or similar keywords in your blog 0r website for google ranking. ex- Competitor website homepage -> Ctrl+u -> Ctrl+f -> Type -> Keywords

Wikipedia Techniques:

One of the most useful techniques that people and other internet & Digital marketer unknown of these techniques. Search on Wikipedia regarding our business or website domain (Field) keyword then you can get lots of keywords ideas from there that is most using keyword on the internet.

Here - This is an example when I have typed in Wikipedia a keyword that is Fitness Club. wikipedia gives me lots of keywords ideas like Health Club and others that can we use in our blog or website.

Hope these all techniques are helpful for your blog or website keyword research good luck.

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