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Video Production

Video marketing is promoting your brand, product, or services via videos. It helps in increasing search engine rank, CTR (click through rate) and conversions. It's all possible only when video reach targeted audience. Solutions to increase the conversion on video and animation and to offer added value.

You can also place the production of video and animation under video marketing. But the question is what goal you achieve by only producing video or animation. We see video marketing as a necessary step to actually make your video or animation effective. Make the video content really work for you. This is what distinguishes ITOR from many competing colleagues.

Video marketing can be subdivided into the following video marketing tools or services: video search engine optimization (video SEO), video advertising, interactivity, personalization and offline distribution. Which tool can best be used differs per project. ITOR Digital is happy to share its knowledge and advise you on this.

A video or animation that is not viewed is like a shop window without an audience. We cannot emphasize it often enough. With only making a video or animation you are not there. Video marketing works and makes the difference.

What difference? Higher viewing figures and conversion. In other words, with video marketing you ensure that video content really gives your marketing a boost. Do you want to know which tool best fits your purpose? We are happy to tell you more about it.

How we make a video marketing strategy? The workflow

Here are 4 quick strategies for successful video marketing that ITOR do for you.

What we want to achieve with videos?

It simply makes no sense to make videos. Without underlying thought, vision, and strategy. First, we determine how videos can support your marketing goals. What do you want the videos to deliver to your company? More customers? More branding. the reputation of your company?

We make video for the right audience

As an organisation, you know what your target group is. Match the videos to your target group in terms of both content and subject. Address the targeted group literally. If the video is recognizable for the targeted group, this leads to more confidence and ultimately to a greater chance that the viewer will do business with you.

Spread the videos on social media

Of course the videos we make for you must be viewed. After all, no viewers on videos is not a result of your video. We spread your videos on all social networks, where we can target audience related to your business.. By (also) publishing / hosting your videos on YouTube, we increase the chance of new viewers and therefore new customers.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Promotion

Pay per click is a paid promotion process in which youtube increase the reach of your video to targeted audience as per price of clicks. It is a buying visit to your site. Youtube PPC is processed through google adwords.

How we make video and animation? The process

ITOR's pre and post production team work their skills out to make your brand popular in unique way. Here is a process we follow for video and animation video.


Pre - production is a process before shooting actual video. This phase of video production undergoes into planning and strategy that how video should be. Pre-production we prepare -

  • Viewer Targeting
  • Video Conception
  • Storyline Creation
  • Script Creation
  • Storyboard and Shot List
  • Location Scouting


This stage is an actual shooting video with all resources. It is a part of production where pre production efforts pays off. There are many critical this need to set up before start shoot, they are-

  • Set and Subject Lighting
  • Talent Preparation and Makeup
  • Audio and Narration Set-up
  • Filming and Directing
  • Scene Blocking

Post - Production

It is a final phase of video production where editing of video footage starts. Lots of complex work is done in this process. Like choosing best footage, screen - motion, background music and sound FX. some process shared below-

  • Footage Logging
  • Initial Edit – Rough Cut
  • Second Cut – If Needed
  • Sound Design
  • Motion and Titling
  • Color Correction
  • Final Cut

For editing these videos we use commercial software like ADOBE PREMIERE PRO and for animation ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS.